ExamWorks Clinical Solutions for Medicare Compliance.


We offer an all-inclusive portfolio of Medicare compliance solutions provided by experienced compliance experts to help mitigate costs and uphold compliance.



Achieve the best possible outcomes and cost-effective claim resolutions from our case management, pharmaceutical and complex claims management services provided by accredited professionals.



Our innovative technology platforms are designed to streamline processes, increase productivity and provide reporting capabilities for both case management and Medicare compliance.



Our new integrated product contains a retrospective Legal Nurse & Professional Code Review coupled with prospective treatment plans such as a Life Care Plan, Medical Cost Projection, or MSA.




Your Clinical Services Solution

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions (ECS) is the premier provider of case management, pharmaceutical and complex claims management services within the insurance industry. As the market leader for Medicare Set-Asides (MSA) and MMSEA Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting, ECS offers a comprehensive suite of services for Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance services.

ECS is dedicated to the national presence required to serve its clients and continues to forge relationships at the local office level, where clients receive exceptional service from experienced sales professionals. ECS has created a unique integrated offering of services aimed at managing complex Medicare, medical and pharmaceutical claims. Our client base includes the majority of major insurance carriers, TPAs and numerous Fortune 100 and 500 employers. 

We simplify medical cost containment while upholding the professional and fiscal integrity of clinical and Medicare compliance services. Our understanding of the varied needs of the participants is embedded in our customer-focused culture. We work closely with our clients to develop customized service offerings and processes that meet a specific need, corporate requirements and regulations.

ExamWorks Clinical Solutions is accredited by URAC for Case Management.